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Dr. Prabhjeet’s Neuro Centre is a complete Neurology Care Centre with excellent care and patient outcome. The workings of our brain define us - what we sense, what we know, who we are. In health, the brain functions marvellously. But when problems occur, the results can devastate patients, their families and society. Neurological diseases comprise a major health concern after heart disease and cancer. We are striving to ensure that our centre is translated to great care for our patients.our centre caters to the diseases of brain ,spinal cord , nerve , muscles and neuromuscular disorders.

Here at Dr Prabhjeet’s Neuro Centre each case is deal with extreme care and compassion. The team of Dr Prabhjeet Singh comprises neuro pediatrician, psychologist, speech and hearing pathologist, physiotherapist and dietician. The team is working towards complete patient care. We also believe in developing new and efficient ways to translate this emerging arsenal of ideas, techniques and skills into improved modes of disease diagnosis and therapy.Our most important asset is patient’s satisfaction .each and every case is given proper time and attention ,clinical and psychological assessment ultimately translating to improved patient healthcare.

As years pass by, we evolve ourselves to include free services to the poor neurological patients. We also felt health awareness among the patients is poor, which requires alertness and motivation. For this we have started conducting regular awareness camps about several neurological diseases to the patients, and also to the public at various levels. To update neurological knowledge among the general practitioners in and around city, we have been delivering lectures and clinical case presentations.

We are also doing an international trial in multiple sclerosis patients and one of the most well reputed centre in North india successfully treating MS PATIENTS. We also have excellent results in Epilepsy which if not properly treated leaves the patient and his family devastated. Our approach is exteremely scientific ,updated with latest developments in field of neurology.