Electro Encephalography (EEG)

EEG is the name commonly used for electroencephalography which records the electrical activity of the brain. It is safe and painless

Indications for EEG: EEG is the most preferred cost investigation in patients with epilepsy or seizure disorder, pseudo seizures, Panic attacks , twitching of face and limbs mimicking seizures, Giddiness, transient cerebral ischemia, hypoglycemia, metabolic disorder , Drug poisoning especially antiseptic drugs or sedative drug consumption. ,Infections like Herpes Simplex encephalitis or slow Virus diseases (Kuru), Intermittent psychosis (mimicking complex partial seizures), tics, vocal outbursts, migraine movement disorders, drop attacks (mimicking seizure phenomenon). Syncope (fainting or loss of consciousness).

Pre Test Preparations: The patient is asked to wash hairs without using spray, oil or conditioner before the test. Consult your health care provider about the medicines intake before the tests. Avoid intake of food containing caffeine before 8 hours of the test. The test is without any discomfort or pain. Only the electrode stitching may give you a different feeling.

In Dr Prabhjeet’s Neuro Centre many EEG tests are done every day by expert team of trained technicians. Dr Prabhjeet Singh personally checks each and every test for final diagnosis. There is a separate Lab for the test. The staff is very polite and very cooperative. All the test procedures are explained to the patient prior to the test.