An electromyogram (EMG) is a test that is used to record the electrical activity of muscles.

Pre Test Preparations: No specific preparation is needed for the testing.

Indications for EMG: EMGs can be used to detect abnormal electrical activity of muscle that can occur in many diseases and conditions, including muscular dystrophy, inflammation of muscles, pinched nerves, peripheral nerve damage (damage to nerves in the arms and legs), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), myasthenia gravis, disc herniation, and others.

The needle EMG portion of the study involves the insertion of very thin pin electrodes into the skin. The electrode is moved around slightly after insertion. Several muscles are tested in each extremity. You will fell a cramping sensation at the area of needle insertion. The electrodes that are used are disposable electrodes that are used only on you. They are designed for minimal pain and discomfort.

The EMG and nerve conduction study is a mildly uncomfortable test. Many patients come to the test anxious because they have heard how painful it is. Every effort is made by Dr. Prabhjeert Singh and his staff to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Dr.Prabhjeet Singh will take his time during the study and answer any questions that you have regarding the procedure. The vast majority of patients tested by Dr .Prabhjeet Singh tolerate the procedure well and feel that it was not as bad as they expected.