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Emergency Contact :
0183 - 2220041, +91 98149-99199
Nayyar Hospital, 3-Dasondha Singh Road, Lawrence Road, Amritsar

About Us

Dr Prabhjeet’s Neuro Centre is a complete Neurology Care Centre with excellent care and patient outcome. The workings of our brain define us - what we sense, what we know, who we are. In health, the brain functions marvellously. But when problems occur, the results can devastate patients, their families and society. Neurological diseases comprise a major health concern after heart disease and cancer.

Dr. Prabhjeet Singh Neurophysician

MD (Medicine), DM (Neurology)
AIIMS, New Delhi
Ex-Asst. Prof. DMCH, Ludhiana
Senior Consultant Neurophysican - Nayyar Hospital

Dr. Neerja Arora Paediatrician

MD (Paediatrics)
Ex-SR. GMCH, Chandigarh
Ex-SRF. AIIMS, New Delhi